Conifer Systems has been implementing emissions control systems across a wide range of industries for almost two decades.

Conifer Systems has the experience to address the most challenging emissions problems across numerous industries and applications. We use proven technology to create innovative solutions to emissions abatement, tailored to the varied needs of different industries.

Give us your most challenging air pollution problems and we’ll provide you a solution that maximizes your resources and ensures compliance with federal, state and municipal regulatory standards, all in one place.

If you are looking for an opportunity to further advance your decarbonization targets to meet mandatory or voluntary requirements, we can help.

We are the only air pollution control provider that has perpetual access to renewable energy and the ability to assist companies to use their existing infrastructure to reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals.

Conifer specializes in renewable energy projects, treating renewable natural gas (RNG) from landfills and other reusable gas streams. Our solutions increase uptime and lower operating costs. We’ve developed unique solutions for RNG production, heat recovery to reduce reliance on carbon fuels, and emissions control for ethanol production.

We develop customized solutions to address plant challenges including treatment of variable process streams and solvent recovery. Conifer can assist with many plant challenges including changing regulatory requirements, safety considerations, and variations in volume, contaminants, and temperatures to limit downtime.

We offer a wide range of emissions control solutions including catalytic oxidizers and scrubbers that meet the stringent requirements of the medical sterilization industry. Conifer is experienced in sterilization chamber exhaust, aeration room ventilation, and ethylene glycol recovery.

We provide emissions solutions for oil and gas facilities, including vapor control for terminals, refining and storage. Our systems are designed to manage complex and changing streams, requiring a wide operating envelope. 

With the automotive and aerospace industries evolving to encompass new materials and processes, Conifer’s solutions address a diverse range of applications and emissions challenges. Conifer develops unique solutions for each situation. Our solutions prioritize uptime reliability and operational efficiency for continuous, mission-critical plant operations.

Conifer’s solutions address the increasing regulatory pressures for wastewater facilities to control emissions to remove odor causing and hazardous compounds. Our solutions can handle corrosive and dangerous pollutants while efficiently removing nuisance odors. Conifer regularly addresses challenges including updated regulatory requirements, PFAs treatment, drying and digester gas management.

Conifer has developed a modular, flexible solution to destroy ventilation air methane (VAM) emissions and in some cases turn them into a useful source of energy. Our VAM technology can meaningfully contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the mining industry.