Conifer Systems is committed to maximizing system uptime while minimizing operating cost.

From routine preventative maintenance to media replacement, or system upgrades and retrofits, our team of technicians will ensure your system is functioning properly.

Our aftermarket service team is trained to troubleshoot, maintain and repair our systems and those from other OEMs, whether there is a mechanical, control, instrumentation or programming issue.

Conifer Systems’ field and site service technicians are trained in operations support, compliance and energy auditing by industry professionals in engineering, safety and manufacturing, so they know exactly how to care for your system. Each service technician is trained on original build specification comprehension, changes in regulatory standards, programming, alarms and monitoring the control system. Operations support includes system optimization, capacity assessment, personnel training and a Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP). Our team can advise on changes in processes, constituents, volume and testing for compliance. Energy audits provide an assessment of the site and system efficiency and offer recommendations on improvements.

To optimize your uptime and increase the life of your system, regular inspections and evaluations are critical. Evaluations should be done annually for equipment less than five years old and twice per year for older systems. From routine preventative maintenance and media replacement to system upgrades and retrofits, our certified team of technicians is ready to keep your system up to specifications and functioning properly.

Our field site and service technicians have expertise in:

Preventative Maintenance Evaluation

Our preventative maintenance and service includes regularly scheduled service and maintenance, added support and care, as well as a full list of customizable service options focused on improving the uptime of your equipment. With nearly two decades of supporting industry leaders in manufacturing, we can adapt our expertise to serve a multitude of plant assets in their unique manufacturing environments. Our evaluation includes a full internal and external inspection by our field service professionals. Our team will review operating data, process conditions, the system’s maintenance log and will perform a 200-point inspection. Conifer Systems’ personnel will make minor repairs, calibrate instrumentations as needed and perform any other necessary preventative maintenance. We will provide a detailed log of the work performed during the evaluation including inspection findings and recommendations.

ConiferALERT Pollution Control Monitoring

To ensure emissions systems are working as intended, improve system performance, minimize downtime and reduce operating costs, Conifer Systems designed and developed ConiferALERT, a state-of-the-art system for real-time emissions control and equipment monitoring.

ConiferALERT remotely monitors and regulates system settings in real-time. A supplement to routine maintenance, ConiferALERT offers predictive maintenance by offering the ability to adjust utility settings and other essential parameters, as well as anticipate repairs before a complete system failure. ConiferALERT can be monitored remotely by a customer’s facilities management team and by Conifer Systems with client permission. This system requires a secure internet connection and firewall protections.

This monitoring supports improved efficiencies and reduces costs by revealing system and production levels to ensure equipment is running optimally with statistics including trending temperatures, exhaust fan speeds, valve positions and pressures.

Media Replacement & Wash-Out

Over time, systems need to be maintained. RTOs and RCOs may experience reduced airflow capacity, channeling or voids in their media beds, thermal imbalances, become less energy-efficient and take longer to start up. Any of these challenges typically indicate it’s time for a media replacement.

Our team, which has knowledge and experience with all makers of equipment, can evaluate your system and provide the media replacement solution that will reinstate optimum operating conditions which can reduce operating costs.

Spare Parts, Repair & Replacement

Conifer Systems offers our customers a complete line of emissions control equipment parts for thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, flares, carbon adsorbers, rotor concentrators and more, from any manufacturer.

Conifer Systems Can:

While we stock hundreds of pollution control equipment parts, some components have very long lead times. Please contact us to create a plan to ensure you have parts for your equipment stocked in your warehouse.

Upgrade & Retrofit

We understand that a new emissions control system can be costly, which is why Conifer Systems specializes in upgrades, retrofits, relocations and offers previously owned equipment. Our engineering and service teams can provide solutions for systems by any manufacturer.

Upgrading or retrofitting equipment can lower energy costs, improve VOC destruction efficiencies, increase product throughput and reduce emissions of other pollutants. Some of our most popular projects include installing a higher efficiency heat exchanger, adding variable frequency drives to fans, improving process flow and distribution, integrating secondary heat recovery and balancing combustion systems. Older systems can also be replaced with newer, more energy-efficient units that take up less space.

Emergency Abatement

Maintenance emergencies and repairs happen. Conifer can help. Our engineers, skilled manufacturing team and service technicians will help limit your system’s downtime. Whether it’s a single part, a retrofit or an upgrade, we are here for all your needs.

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