Automotive & Aerospace

Conifer Systems was contacted by a client in the automotive industry that specialize in adhesives and paint spray booths. Their process creates varying streams of pollutants with different compositions and includes very high temperatures. The customer required emergency repairs to a catalytic oxidizer (CATOX) built by a different vendor. The repairs were deemed emergency due to the critical timeline of client’s current project. The allotted timeframe only allowed for a few days of downtime, rather than the weeks which would be needed for a complete rebuild.

An incident occurred causing the inner stainless lining to explode due to high temperatures. Additionally, the guard beds, catalyst beds and racks melted. The combustion chamber thermocouple was also disintegrated. Finally, the ducting hood separated from its shell. This caused the customer to be unable to continue its overall operations until the repair of the CATOX. Due to the complete pause of operations, the customer required a strict turnaround of four days therefore making this an emergency service.

Conifer System’s service team was able to respond and visit the site the next day. They assessed the condition of the unit and were able to create a plan of action to service the customer’s needs within the four-day deadline. Our highly skilled technicians accomplished the following repairs to the unit:

  • Reconstruction of the guard bed racks
  • Fabrication and installation of structural support
  • Repair of the catalyst racks and supports
  • Installation of spare guard bed racks, catalyst blocks, and new gaskets
  • Application of new insulation

Conifer System’s trained technicians performed all necessary repairs under the four-day deadline thus restarting the customer’s operations less than one week after the major breakdown. Two years after the incident, the unit continues to be operational without any other major issues.