Conifer Systems provides a full suite of systems and services for a variety of industries.

From the solutions development phase to detailed design, our team will help you choose the right system to fit your specifications, process flow, compliance needs and budget.

We provide thermal oxidizers, enclosed flares, vapor combustor units, scrubbers, carbon adsorbers and rotor concentrator systems.

Scrubbers and carbon adsorbers can be used on their own or added to existing systems to create a customized solution. Rotor concentrator systems are used to concentrate some Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) streams before they are combusted in an oxidizer.

Solution Development

Our expert team of applications engineers will determine which system or combination of systems best meets your needs.


Conifer Systems’ certified team manufactures each system in-house to ensure the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Install & Commission

Conifer Systems’ aftermarket service technicians will install your system on-site and ensure it’s working as intended.

Conifer Systems’ team of applications engineers will guide you through every step to determine exactly how to best meet the short and long-term needs of your organization. With more than 500 custom systems designed, built and installed, our team will create the right emissions control solution for you.

We have the track record and the ability to provide services throughout the entire lifecycle of your emissions control needs.

Solution Development

We begin with the conceptual process design by planning your project which includes the design basis, feasibility studies and technical and financial evaluations. Then we move into a detailed design for process flow, system analysis and system selection and specification. During this stage, we’ll ensure our design meets the specifications required to meet any environmental requirements.


Our team manufactures your system in-house. Our facility in Houston has over 50,000 sq. ft. of space, 28 ft. of clearing height, drive-through access, heavy power and crane capabilities. The facility has two, 20,000 sq. ft. fabrication bays, an outside stack up, as well as an assembly and test yard.

Install & Commission

When your system is delivered, our aftermarket services team will be on-site to get it up and running and ensure it is working as expected. Conifer Systems’ technicians will work with your team to provide training on original build specification, programming, alarms and monitoring control systems, as well as understanding of the regulatory standards.

Conifer Systems will work with your team to develop a new solution, or upgrade your current system while ensuring compliance, increasing uptime and reducing cost.